Windshield Repair vs Replacement

Windshield Repair vs Replacement

APR offers affordable windshield replacement, if that’s what you need, but did you know that some types of windshield damage can be repaired for a fraction of the new windshield cost? The following types of damage can often be fixed for around $50:

  • Small pits and dings
  • Small cracks (no more than 12″ long)
  • Rock chips as large as a quarter
  • Star cracks
  • Bulls eyes and partial bulls eyes (circular or semicircular damage)

The following kinds of windshield damage usually can’t be repaired:

  • Cracks at the edge of the windshield
  • Damage in the driver’s line of view
  • More severe damage/complex cracks
  • Even small chips and cracks, if significant dirt has settled in them.

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Windshield Repair vs Replacement.