Top Five Reasons To Pay for Professional Auto Detailing

Top Five Reasons To Pay for Professional Auto Detailing

Everyone loves the look and smell of a new car, but we often forget that we can reclaim that feeling with professional auto detailing. A professional auto detailing team doesn’t just wash, wax and vacuum; they use specialized tools, products and processes to bring your vehicle as close to like-new condition as it can get.

But is it worth the money, compared to doing it yourself? Although you should certainly maintain your vehicle’s appearance if you like driving a nice vehicle, people are frequently amazed when they see the results of professional detailing. So, yeah, if you want to feel really good about your ride, you should have this done professionally from time to time. Here are the top five reasons so many drivers choose to invest the money and make their rides look truly awesome.

Top Five Reasons To Pay for Professional Auto Detailing - Image of a Chevy Colorado

1. Your Car Gets the Best Treatment Technology Can Offer

With the best tools, chemicals and techniques available—and a professional crew—your car gets more than a clean-up; it’s more like the royal treatment. And some of the things the pros do, you simply can’t do at home without investing in specialized equipment. A professional auto detail job includes the removal of odors, stains and chemicals that build up in the interior and on your paint over time—and even minor mars in the paint job. Detailers go over everything, inside and out, from roof to tires.

2. No Grain of Dirt is Left Unturned

If you’ve put on your “detailing hat” on a Saturday and decided to go over your vehicle with a fine-tooth comb, you know how big the job can get. If you don’t practice these skills a lot (as the pros do), a two-hour job can easily turn into a five- or six-hour job, and you may still be dissatisfied with the results. The fact is: vehicles collect dirt, a LOT of dirt, in the most inconvenient places, inside and out.

2017 Chrysler 300 Interior Auto Detailing

Life happens, and dogs, kids, activities, traveling and everything in between can leave their marks. With professional interior detailing, you can expect to see old stains vanish from the carpet, floor mats and upholstery, and it’s more than “skin-deep.” Pros can also remove odors caused by tobacco, food, mildew, gunk, spills, and even pet waste. They’ll use special tools to deep-dust your vents, console, dashboard and compartments, then apply protective coatings to all, hard interior surfaces, which helps maintain the value of the vehicle.

For soft surfaces, detailers apply a waterproof polymer shield that protects seats, mats and carpets from future stains. So the next time someone spills a drink, this chemical shield will make it easy to wipe up and move on, so that “new-car feeling” stays intact for a long time to come. If you have leather interior, different chemicals are used, but they achieve the same results.

2017 Chrysler 300 Exterior Auto Detailing

On the exterior of the vehicle, professional crews will remove spots, water deposits and chemical buildup that are difficult to treat at home. Trace amounts of harmful chemicals and pollutants embed themselves in auto paint over time, and professional treatment can lift these chemicals from the microscopic grain of the finish. Many people are not aware that professional detailers can even remove small dings and scratches in the paint, a treatment that’s hard to equal when you do the job yourself.

Wheels and tires are deep-cleaned and coated with a protective shield, as well. You can choose a matte or gloss finish for the tires.

Detailers can also clean your engine, which makes it easier to track fluid leaks. The final step is to wash and wax the vehicle to keep it looking great for weeks or months to come.

Newer Ford Explorer getting detailed

3. It’s Convenient and Affordable

Timing is usually pretty reliable when you schedule your car in for detailing because the pros do this all the time, and they know how long the processes take. If you’re scheduled from 1-2:30 p.m., you can typically plan the rest of your schedule around that slot.

Prices vary depending on which services you need, but complete interior detailing usually runs around $100, and same for exterior detailing. You may save money when you opt for both (at APR, complete auto detail service runs $185 for interior plus exterior). No, it’s not a drop in the bucket for most of us, but when you consider that your vehicle will look great for a long time, it’s a good investment. It also helps preserve the value of your car or truck by protecting interior and exterior surfaces from spills, spots, UV radiation and chemical corrosion.

While many types of minor blemishes in your paint job can be quickly “polished” away during the exterior detailing process, others may require more significant measures, like paintless dent repair or even minor collision repair. Be sure to ask shop staff which ones fall under the detailing category when you take the vehicle in, so you’ll know what to expect.

Newer Ford Explorer detailed up close polished view

Headlight detailing is usually considered an optional service, but it puts the final polish on your car and makes an even more dramatic overall difference.

4. Pros Have the Process Down

Every vehicle is different, and each model has its own collection of tight nooks and crannies that are difficult to clean. A professional auto detail service means the technicians will find spots you didn’t even know needed cleaning—or simply don’t have the tools or techniques to reach effectively.

This is where experience and knowledge come in, especially with unusual vehicle models. Pros know how to take on tinted windows, as well as custom interior materials and layouts. You may not know best product to use on colored leather or what spray and towel to use on your tinted windows, but they do.

Exterior detailing processes are intricate, when professionals do the job. For example, they’ll monitor precise drying times of various protectants to maximize their effectiveness. They’ll use a clay bar to lift harsh chemicals that build up in paint at the microscopic level—without harming the finish. They’ll even use a special water storage system to keep wash water clean, so no old dirt abrades the paint.

Cadillac auto detailed up close polished view

Even the exterior drying process is important; professional crews use proven methods to make sure there are no water spots on the vehicle after washing it.

5. You’ll Get That “New-Car Feeling” Back

For most people, the biggest reason to let the pros do it is that the results are often eye-popping. Most drivers get used to the build-up of dust, stains and odors over time because they happen so gradually, and you forget how great it felt the first time you got into the vehicle. A professional detailing shop can take you back to that magic moment—or at least as close to it as possible.

Cadillac auto detailed full polished view

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  1. I like what you said about applying a waterproof polymer that shields against future stains. Getting your car detailed is a smart move because it can make your car feel like new. My brother wants to get his Honda detailed, so I’ll be sure to help him find a service that cares about his needs.

  2. I liked how you mentioned that you can still get that new car feeling when you get your car detailed. Having an old car doesn’t mean your car can’t be eye-popping, as you said. IT might be time for us to get our car renewed so to speak at an auto detailer.

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