Paintless Dent Repair

APR your car PDR – Paintless dent repair!

PDR – Most of us have heard horror stories about collision repair costs because they actually can get really, really expensive—to the point of totaling many cars when they’re still perfectly driveable. Why? Traditional body work is expensive to do; it requires costly equipment and a lot of technician time to make a heavily damaged vehicle right again. PDR — or paintless dent repair — is quite the opposite, requiring less “heavy” equipment and far fewer technician-hours to give you a like-new car again.
Photo of a paintless dent repair technician tapping out a dent on a car hood. Remember APR for the expert paintless dent repair near me

APR your car: save on PDR – paintless dent repair!

But will PDR fix my dent?

Paintless dent repair gives amazing results for many types of damage, but some is too severe for PDR. What it can’t repair are deep dents, hard creases, or any areas with damaged paint. What it can fix are:
  • Door dents and dings
  • Dents up to several inches that have no paint damage or heavy creasing.
  • Hail dent repair can be done if the vehicle paint and Clearcoat have not been compromised.

What is PDR – paintless dent repair?

Usually abbreviated to “PDR,” this low cost alternative to traditional body work is a type of light body repair that was actually invented by car manufacturers in the 1930s, but it’s only recently been developed into a service for the general public. Its low cost has made it a huge success, and the process of paintless dent repair is mesmerizing because it’s a lot like watching a metal sculptor at work. PDR is not a single procedure but a system of techniques that allow technicians to push and pull dents back into shape without damaging the vehicle paint. This isn’t easy to do, so there’s a lot of skill required. Sometimes they use metal rods to push out dents from the inside of the panel, but when they can’t access the back side, the process gets interesting. Using glue tabs, they can pull a dent from the outside without having to drill a hole (and ruin the paint). One of the coolest techniques to watch is “tapping,” of damaged area with special tools to put the “new-car polish” on a job. Specialized lighting has been invented to cast lines across the paint finish, giving technicians the ability to see surface differences of a few hundredths of an inch with the naked eye, as they work. Heat guns are sometimes used to make paint more pliable during these adjustments. Photo of special light used by PDR technicians to show tiny differences on a vehicle’s paint surface. Compare these techniques to traditional auto body work, in which technicians typically remove the damaged door or panel, if possible, fill the dent with putty, sand it smooth, then send it to the paint booth, and you can see why PDR costs far less. The most impressive part of PDR, though, is the amount of time it takes. An average door ding repair takes 30-45 minutes, and larger dents may take up to four hours. Significant hail damage may take a day more, but the time spent on each hail dent, and the low cost of PDR tools keeps it many times more cost effective than the traditional body repair method of filling, sanding and repainting the area.

How much does paintless dent repair cost?

An average door ding costs $50 – $75. Other types of dent removal cost vary, but PDR always comes in at a fraction of fill-and-paint body work pricing, when it’s an option.

What about do-it-yourself (DIY) paintless dent repair?

Can you do PDR, yourself? Technically, you probably could, if you’re really good with your hands—it does take a certain kind of talent. You would also need to invest a few hundred dollars in a quality tool kit and put in a lot of practice. PDR also takes a good eye for metal and paint stresses and a very precise use of very precise tools. Good PDR technicians train under experienced professionals, then spend additional time learning the finer points of the processes, so it probably doesn’t make sense for the average person to try and perform PDR on their own vehicle. And if you make a mistake and damage the paint, your DIY paintless dent repair costs will quickly jump into the hundreds-of-dollars category. APR makes it affordable to let the pros do it, and we guarantee our work for the life of the vehicle.

Other reasons to consider PDR

Paintless Dent Repair

Nothing beats your original auto body paint

If the savings, alone, aren’t enough, you’ll feel even better to know that PDR – Paintless Dent Removal or paintless dent repair is always preferable to fill-sand-and-paint body work when it can be used on a dent because it preserves the original paint. With traditional repairs, even the best technicians with the best scientific tools at their disposal can’t always match paint perfectly, due to sun fading, weather wear and differences in texture.

No negative CARFAX report

While work done in a traditional body shop will show up on your vehicle’s CARFAX report, PDR does not. This maintains your resale value.

PDR saves you time

Because PDR is a fast alternative to normal collision repair work, you won’t have to spend as much time without your ride. This is a huge advantage when schedules and transportation options are limited, as they are for most of us. Beyond the savings; the convenience, alone, is worth a lot.

Vehicle resale value after paintless dent repair

Even with all the amazing technology used by traditional body shops, it’s difficult to perfectly match factory paint colors, and differences in paint after a collision are often easy to spot, which will reduce your vehicle resale value. As mentioned above, PDR also doesn’t put a mark on your vehicle’s CARFAX report.

PDR is a tree hugger

Paintless dent repair doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, and it doesn’t produce paint dust from sanding. If you think about it for a minute, PDR kind of makes you want to kiss a flower.

Another cost you’ll avoid with PDR

PDR means renting a car or paying for a friend’s gas and time for a couple of days rather than weeks—more money in your pocket.

PDR is an industry-approved dent repair system

PDR is approved by auto manufacturers and insurance companies as a reputable and reliable dent repair option, so there’s no unspoken downside; everyone likes it. You will, too.

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