Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

It’s about beauty, for sure, when you restore your cloudy headlights, but clean headlights also improve light transmission, improving roadway visibility at night. Over time, your headlights take a beating from weather, UV radiation, road debris, insects and even chemicals in the air. Headlight lenses may show discoloration after several years of use, even pitting and surface cracks. But professional headlight restoration can return them to like-new condition, making your lights look better and work better.

Photo of a Headlight Restoration diagram

At APR, we use a professional grade buffing compound, applied by trained professionals with industrial tools. There are kits and hacks out there to restore headlights, everything from sandpaper to insect repellent to toothpaste, but if you want an crystal clear restoration of your headlights’ appearance and functionality, let the pros do it.

Why Not Buy New Headlight Lenses?

Headlight lenses can get expensive, ranging all the way up to $1,000 for some luxury cars. Professional headlight polishing provides a low-costs option to purchasing new lenses.

How to Restore Headlights the APR Way

Photo demonstrating how to restore headlights the APR way, making them like new.

Headlights are usually molded from polycarbonate polymer—tough stuff that really takes a beating and holds up amazingly well. But time, debris, atmospheric chemicals, and ultraviolet rays do break down the surface over time. Not only does it make the lenses look dull; it reduces the amount of light hitting the road when you drive at night.

At APR, we restore headlights with professional grade buffing materials that leave a perfect, glass-like finish; it looks like new and performs like new. With the right tools and materials, the process is relatively simple:

Surface preparation

  • We clean the area of dirt, oils and debris to make sure no contaminants are being buffed into the plastic.
  • Lens masking

  • The headlight lens is masked with low-tack tape that can be removed without damaging surfaces or leaving residues. We may remove trim to keep it away from the buffing compounds, which can damage finishes on both plastic and metal vehicle parts.
  • Polishing

  • We buff the lens with an ultra-fine compound that gives a glass-like finish to the surface, removing discoloration—even pits and other imperfections.
  • Clean up and reassembly

  • The finished lens is cleaned and dried, then we detach the mask and reassemble any parts that were removed for buffing. Just like new!
  • Headlight Restoration Service: the Finishing Touch on a Beautiful Vehicle

    Photo of beautiful results from a headlight restoration service.

    If you love your car (as most of us do), you probably spend time and money keeping it washed, waxed and pristine. Maybe you take it in for auto detailing service periodically, where technicians use special brushes and industrial cleaning techniques to remove every speck of dust, oil, grime and soil. Restoring headlight lenses brings the appearance of your vehicle’s exterior up to the same standard you expect everywhere else. It’s inexpensive, when you consider that it only needs to be done every few years.

    Give us a call when you’re ready to give your car or truck a real facelift—and make it safer for night driving. Or stop by one of our Wichita, Kansas, headlight polishing locations. Find headlight restoration near me.