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What is auto detailing?

You’ve washed the outside of your car and vacuumed the interior, and it looks great; nice job. But if you want a full “facelift” to recover that new-car feeling, professional detailing can add a lot more. Auto detailing is a deep cleaning and reconditioning of the inside and outside that can return a sense of luxury to your driving experience and protect your vehicle investment.

Complete Car Detailing - APR Works

Our auto interior detailing solutions include:

  • Deep cleaning and spot removal for carpets, floor mats and upholstery with specialized equipment and professional cleaning products to remove soil and odors. We can completely eliminate mildew, tobacco, food, drink, and even pet waste smells with ozone treatments that neutralize odors at the chemical level.
  • Coating these surfaces with a waterproof polymer shield that keeps future spills from sinking into the fabrics and carpets. Any would-be stains are held away from the fabric, where they bead up for easy cleaning. This stuff is a miracle of modern chemistry; you can’t see it or feel it on the surface, but it lasts a very, very long time.
  • For leather and vinyl upholstery, we use a different chemical shield that keeps these surfaces supple, conditioning as it protects.
  • A deep dusting and cleaning of dash and console, including vent louvers and other hard to reach grime.
  • Protective coating on hard surfaces with UV inhibitors to prevent drying and cracking. Exterior detailing solutions include:
Car Detailing on a 2017 Hyundai Azera
  • Removing hard water deposits from your vehicle’s exterior with specialized products and equipment. These are sometimes difficult to fully remove at home.
  • Your vehicle also collects microscopic coatings of pollutants over time that dull and damage paint, but can be hard to spot. We clean these with a clay bar, which is glided over a soap film to pick up these contaminants without harming the paint.
  • Waxing, polishing and buffing with professional-grade products that seal out the elements for up to six months. This is especially important to protect your paint from harsh pollutants and the discoloring associated with bird droppings.
  • Tire dressing, a deep cleaning of the wheels and tires finished with a coat of rubber protectant, which can be applied for either a glossy or matte finish.
  • Light scratch removal—every vehicle takes a few tiny hits here and there, and this can be taken care of as part of the exterior detailing process.
  • Engine compartment cleaning: It’s amazing how different an engine can look after this service, and a clean engine makes it easier to spot leaks and potential problems under the hood.

Detailing is one of those reasonably priced services that can have a huge effect on your driving experience, rekindle your love of driving and renew a sense of pride in one of your biggest and most important investments. It also prevents premature drying, fading, cracking and discoloration of many interior and exterior surfaces.,/p>

Why get your vehicle detailed?

Reason number one: it feels good. Giving your faithful car or truck a “like-new” look again renews a sense of pride that can fade over time as your vehicle takes on dust, dirt and pollutants—even if you take really good care of it. A minor spill here, some hard water build-up there, and although you don’t notice it along the way, you’ll definitely notice the difference after having your vehicle detailed.

Okay, this is actually the biggest reason a lot of people have their cars and trucks detailed: to protect them from the elements—outside—and from the passengers—inside. Regular detailing prolongs the life of your paint, wheels, upholstery and vinyl. It’s a great step to take before you sell a vehicle because it can raise the sale price, but even you’re not selling, regular detailing helps maintain your vehicle’s value by protecting its exposed and high-wear areas. Auto Detailing a Ford Explorer - APR your car detailing near me

What our customers say about APR – complete auto detail service

Image of Google reviews icon with five stars. We see the delight in customers’ eyes when they get a first look at their vehicles after professional detailing. Here’s a recent Google review from one of our Wichita, Kansas, customers:

“I just bought a used car two weeks ago. When I test drove it, I noticed a bit of a smoke smell but I figured it wasn’t going to be bad and a bit of me cleaning it would get it out. Oh no. The dealership did a good job at masking if for a bit but when I got it home and had it parked overnight, the next morning was horrendous. Previous owner, heavy smoker. I have asthma and it started to really bug me. I had APR use their Ozone machine and they completely detailed the inside of my car to get the smell eliminated. I love it. Leather seats are all clean and they put a protective coat on there. The carpet was all shampooed and the headliner was cleaned. This place does a fantastic job at interior detailing and removing the smoke smell. I am completely satisfied and the price was so worth it. Now my car smells like a bunch of cherries.”

What does auto detailing cost?

  • Interior auto detailing – $100
  • Exterior detailing – $100
  • Interior and exterior – $185
  • Headlight detailing – $40