Auto Glass Repair

Is auto glass repair an option for you?

We love this question because our technicians can do amazing auto glass repair work on windshields for a small fraction of a replacement cost, and we like to save our customers money. But there are limits. The most important thing you can do is bring it to us as soon the damage occurs, for a couple of reasons. One, windshield cracks have a tendency to spread, and we can only repair small areas of damage. Two, if you let dirt collect in the chip or crack, it can become irreparable because the filler resins won’t bond properly, and the dirt may cause a permanent optical blemish that makes the windshield unsafe…

Photo of auto glass and windshield repair being performed at APR in Wichita, KS.

Certain safety standards have to be met with auto glass repair, and our technicians are trained to bring the glass back to full strength and near-perfect clarity.

Not sure if your windshield can be repaired? Check out our auto glass repair vs. replacement guide.

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Photo of auto glass repair being performed at APR in Wichita, KS.

What auto glass repair can do

Here are the types of damage we can do amazing things with, on a windshield:

  • Rock chips as big as a quarter
  • 12″ or shorter cracks
  • Star-shaped cracks
  • Bulls eyes (circular or semicircular chips)
  • Small crack/chip combinations
  • Pits and dings
Photo of six types of auto glass damage that can be repaired including windshield bulls eyes, chips, dings, pits, rock chips and star breaks.

What glass repair cannot do

Photo of four types of auto glass damage that cannot be repaired including severe damage, edge damage, long cracks and multiple cracks on a windshield.
  • A crack near the edge of the glass. This can compromise the strength and safety of the windshield, which is designed to help keep the roof intact in case of a rollover.
  • Larger cracks that may compromise structural integrity
  • Generally speaking, more severe types of damage than those listed in the previous section.
  • Repairs that obstruct the driver’s vision. This is rare, but occasionally a technician will pronounce a repair unsafe because of its size, type and location on the windshield.

Windshield repair uses super-spaceage-scifi resins that are injected into voids in the glass. But some damage is beyond the scope of even scifi to heal. Here are the types of damage we can’t repair:

What does auto glass repair cost?

A typical auto glass repair cost is around $50 for an average chip or crack. Compare that to a replacement price tag of $125 – $500, and it’s money in your pocket.

How does windshield repair work?

Photo of an auto glass technician repairing a windshield.

Pretty cool invention …

Stage 1: A really smart person in a lab created a 2-part resin that dries into a super-strength plastic with the same structural and optical qualities as auto glass.

Stage 2: Another really smart person invented a small, portable vacuum system that can inject the resin into a glass chip or crack and fill every, single microscopic cranny. Air bubbles are removed, so the filler perfectly replaces the missing areas of glass, returning the windshield to its original shape and excellent optical quality. The resin is designed to harden quickly under ultraviolet light, which means a quick turnaround on the job.

How long has glass repair been around?

Windshield repair actually dates back to 1972, when Dr. Frank Warner, a chemical engineer in Wyoming, got tired of rock damage to his own vehicles. Rock chips and cracks had messed with the wrong guy. He invented a handheld vacuum injection system and licensed the technology to a company called Novus, which sold the system to glass replacement shops and car dealerships. By the ‘80s, Novus was franchising the technology to a new group of service providers: repair specialists, and an industry was born.

In 1981, a repair specialist in Minnesota started producing and selling tools and resins directly to other companies, and a slew of repair shops took off around the country, making windshield repair much more widely available.

Today, auto glass repair is still growing rapidly in popularity and availability, but its use is already so widespread that the cost has become very affordable.

Can’t I use a DIY windshield repair kit?

You can buy a windshield repair kit for less than the cost of a professional repair, but the repair is usually much more visible, and that’s not what you’re going for. To be clear (pardon the pun), no repair, professional or otherwise will return the optical quality of the glass to its original condition, but the difference in results between a DIY windshield repair kit and a professional job can be really noticeable.

The primary purpose of this kind of repair is to return the windshield to its full strength for safety purposes, and the clarity of the glass is considered a secondary benefit, but a professional can usually get excellent optical quality, as well.

Some techniques used in the repair of longer cracks actually run the risk of doing further damage to your auto glass. Special tools allow skilled technicians to tap out additional small bits of glass safely to create the deeper bonding points for the resin. It’s easy to make the crack bigger and even irreparable if you haven’t undergone professional training.