5 Hidden Benefits of Car Window Tinting

5 Hidden Benefits of Car Window Tinting

5 Hidden Benefits of Car Window Tinting - Photo of a window tint technician installing film on the hatch window of a vehicle. What’s the first thing you think when you see a vehicle with tinted windows? That it looks cool, right? Window tinting makes a vehicle stand out, like sunglasses for a car, but people who have tinted glass know that it’s about more than style. The real beauty of car window tinting lies in its functionality, offering five distinct benefits …

1.Vehicle Interior Protection

Tinted auto glass blocks 99 percent of UV rays, which degrade interior surfaces. It also blocks infrared (IR) radiation (long wavelengths of light that are invisible to the human eye but which transmit heat into the vehicle), reducing surface temperatures of the vehicle interior by as much as 60 degrees. Pullout: FACT: The sun gives off half its total energy as IR radiation, so there’s a lot of it in sunlight. Keep UV and IR rays outside the vehicle, and you have a significantly cooler ride. Over time, this radiation shield preserves your vehicle’s upholstery and hard surfaces, as well. Leather and vinyl age much more rapidly in the presence of heat and UV rays, becoming prematurely cracked and faded. Window tinting prevents this damage, maintaining the value of the vehicle.

2. Fuel Efficiency

Because window tinting cools the cabin, it allows the air conditioning to run less often, which can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 25 percent in hot weather. Efficiency is boosted even more for hybrid and electric vehicles. In either case, the cost savings can be significant.

3.Passenger Comfort

You’ve probably had the experience of burning yourself on parts of a car interior, or peeling your bare legs off of a sticky, vinyl seat on a blistering hot day. Vehicle interiors can get so sauna-like in the summer that they’re not even fun to climb into. Driving should be fun, and tinted windows add a lot of enjoyment to the experience. With window tinting, the vehicle stays cooler all the time, even when it’s sitting empty in a mall parking lot for three hours in 100 degree sun. Interior temperatures without tinted glass can reach 120 degrees in 20 minutes and 133 degrees in an hour. Having a radiation shield attached to the windows makes it a much nicer space to escape to after a long day of shopping. Or fishing. Or working all day. Window tint takes the road-trip experience to a whole, new level. Cooler temperatures, less glare to contend with … you get hooked on it, once you’ve tried it.

4. Driver and Passenger Protection

Everyone knows that UV rays can give you skin cancer, but not everyone knows that window tinting film cuts 99 percent of this harmful radiation. Ninety percent of skin cancer cases are caused by exposure to the sun, and Americans spend and average of 34 hours per year driving. Starting to get the picture? Most people don’t put on sunscreen before driving somewhere, but that’s a lot of time in the sun, so maybe we should. Tinted windows literally save lives.

5.Driving Safety and Security

Improved Driving Visibility

Window tinting improves driver visibility by reducing glare, a benefit that comes in handy when you’re dealing with oncoming headlights, snow and water reflections or those blinding flashes that happen when another vehicle reflects the sun straight into your eye like a laser beam.

Tighter Security

Imagine you’re a thief. You’re wearing black to conceal your presence as you slip through the night with cat-like movements, car-to-car, down a quiet street. You’re watching everywhere at once, ready to bolt at the slightest sound of another person. You pass a quick glance into each vehicle as you walk by it, looking for purses, briefcases, cell phones, cameras, musical instruments, anything you can pawn for a few bucks. What do you do when you come upon a car with window tinting? You move on. You can’t quickly see if there’s anything worth stealing, and it’s not worth making enough noise to find out. You’re a thief, but you’re a cowardly thief, a rogue of ill repute who will probably go to jail. Shame on you. Shame. When you have tinted glass, you can say, “Well, mister thief man, you won’t be stealing my stuff because I have tinted glass.”

Stay Cool

5 Hidden Benefits of Car Window Tinting - Photo of a sleek sedan with window tinting driving on the open road. Window tinting looks cool. No matter what you drive, it adds a subtle Batman element that not only turns heads, but also improves the resale value of your vehicle. If you’re ready to upgrade your ride, tinting gives you excellent bang for your buck, and it adds new layers of cool to the driving experience.

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