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Since 2006, we’ve been changing the way people see body shops in South Central Kansas with straight talk and affordable prices. We know that not everyone has premium insurance coverage—or a lot of cash in hand—to cover a car paint repair cost, a paint scratch repair cost or maybe just a few cosmetic improvements to make your ride nicer. At Auto Paint Repair, we’ve found ways to economize our work without sacrificing great results, so you can get the new-car look you want at a price that makes sense for your budget.
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Wichita is a great town, and if we all look out for each other, it will only get better. We’re here to give you the best deal we can, with straight talk from honest people. Auto Paint Repair - Check out this crisp clean deep black Hyundai Azera after getting an auto paint repair... Ready to look at some costs? Check out our various services pages for an idea of the deals ahead: Or stop by: Find an Auto Paint Repair shop near me in Wichita, KS.

How do we make auto body repair less expensive, but not “cheap?”

Auto Paint Repair - Before and after photos of Lexus in our body shop.
Auto Paint Repair - Before and after photos of Lexus in our body shop.

Make only the auto body repairs you want

When you’re paying for auto body work yourself (rather than an insurance company paying it), you actually gain some new freedom. For example, while an insurance company might require you to repair an entire section of your vehicle, you can fix only the body damage you choose. If you want to take the hail dents out of the hood, but not worry about other minor stuff that no one else can see, it’s your call. Body work doesn’t cost near as much when it’s done outside of the “paperwork jungle.” It’s also simpler to deal with, which makes your repair experience less stressful and keeps costs down. If you need windshield chip removal, but you just want to fix a noticeable problem area, you may get away for around $50 and be perfectly happy with your car’s new look. Or if that one spot where you took a parking lot ding or dent is really bothering you, and that’s all you need repaired, it may only cost $65. A paint scratch repair cost or dent repair cost with paint is based on labor, and we’re just, plain fast with this kind of work. Cheap auto body repair actually does exist when you’re allowed to pick only the repairs you want.

There are different ways to do a car body repair–some of them less expensive than others

Photo of Auto Paint Repair technician using state-of-the-art equipment to perform a low cost dent repair. Use APR Works for cheap auto paint jobs Wichita KS Okay: when your $200,000 Lamborghini needs body work, we urge you to get the best body work money can possibly buy. Maybe ship it to Europe on your private yacht. But when your other, more ordinary vehicle needs cosmetic improvements, it’s nice to have some less expensive cost options. You still want professional craftsmanship, the best materials, but not the pampering you would get for your Italian sports car. Too much car body repair work costs more than the car, itself, these days, but it’s not the only way to get things done, if you get creative and choose your equipment and employees well, as we have.
We bring state of the art techniques to your repair, and we use the best equipment and products available, but we haven’t invested in the expensive, large-scale equipment that would allow us to do frame repairs (as you might need for a more-than-minor collision repair) or highly customized body work (as you might need for your Italian sports car). But if you want your car or truck to look awesome on a budget, we’re your place.

We run a collision repair shop, not a palace

Here is an after picture of a 2016 Hyundai Tucson's auto paint repair job from APR Works We keep a clean, well-equipped shop, and we’re proud of it, but APR is a working person’s resource, so we’re not located in prime real estate areas. We operate in proud Wichita neighborhoods where a lot of good work gets done by a lot of good people. We keep an eye on the rent and all our other costs because our entire business plan is based on giving you the cheapest collision repair service we can, while still doing it well … no caviar in the lobby, but the coffee’s not bad.

Exactly what is “Minor Collision Repair?”

You’ll hear two terms used in the body-work world: “collision repair” and “minor collision repair.” Yes, they sound almost identical, and yes, it is confusing. Here’s the simple way to tell them apart: if you can drive your car after an accident, it probably falls under the “Minor Collision Repair” category. If you have a bent frame, major mechanical damage—anything more than cosmetic problems, it may require a trip to our full service collision repair partner. But for a vehicle that’s mechanically sound, minor collision repair techniques can save you a ton of money. Photo of Auto Paint Repair’s clean and well-equipped body shop at 1100 South Washington in Wichita, Kansas. Use APR Works for cheap auto paint jobs Wichita KS It’s pretty exciting to see your vehicle sparkle again after it’s been damaged, and if you really want to make it look like a million bucks, we have some pretty amazing prices on window tinting, windshield chip repair, detailing and other embellishments that can really put the polish on that “new car” feeling. If you want to protect your vehicle investment even more, we have excellent Clear Shield pricing. We can apply this protective film to protect these high-impact areas of your car or truck:
  • Fenders – $75
  • Mirrors – $100
  • Hood – $150
  • Bumper – $325
We also offer low cost, complete paint jobs; plastic repair; bumper repair; auto detailing; car window tinting; and we’re an established alloy wheel specialist in Wichita, Kansas.

Auto Paint Repair locations in Wichita, Kansas.

APR your car at these convenient locations

APR Works - Auto paint repair - cheap auto paint jobs without the use of insurance Auto paint repair - cheap auto paint jobs without the use of insurance

Service Pricing

Spot Pricing

Bumper $250.00
Small Panel $250.00
Touch Ups $65.00

Window Tinting

2 Windows $75.00
2-Door Car $150.00
4-Door Car $185.00
2-Door Truck $150.00
Extended Truck $185.00
Van / SUV $250.00
Visor Strip $30.00

Clear Shield Application

Mirrors $100.00
Hood $150.00
Fenders $75.00
Bumper $325.00

Complete Vehicle Detailing

Interior Only $100.00
Exterior Only $100.00
Complete Detail $185.00
Headlights $40.00 ea

Auto Paint Repair locations in Wichita, Kansas. APR your car at these convenient locations.