Since 2006, Auto Paint Repair has been helping individuals, businesses and fleets repair restore and make upgrades to their vehicles. We believe that providing affordable services is one of the many things that makes us different. Repairing only flawed areas, rather than fixing an entire side of your vehicle, poses a cost and time saving service to our customers. We specialize in minor collision repair; these are typically repairs that do not prevent you from driving your vehicle after a collision. Additionally, we offer a full range of other professional services including but not limited to: low cost complete paint jobs, plastic repair and bumper repair.
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Service Pricing

Spot Pricing

Bumper $250.00
Small Panel $250.00
Touch Ups $65.00

Window Tinting

2 Windows $75.00
2-Door Car $150.00
4-Door Car $185.00
2-Door Truck $150.00
Extended Truck $185.00
Van / SUV $250.00
Visor Strip $30.00

Clear Shield Application

Mirrors $100.00
Hood $150.00
Fenders $75.00
Bumper $325.00

Complete Vehicle Detailing

Interior Only $100.00
Exterior Only $100.00
Complete Detail $185.00
Headlights $40.00 ea